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What is this site about

This site is mostly useful if you're taking my Digital Analytics class.
You will get full access to Google Analytics data to be able to monitor historical or real time activity. Here is a quick summary of the custom events tracked:
  1. Download, for example an A/B Testing Cheat Sheet or an SEO-cheat sheet.
  2. Track outbound links, e.g. to Google Chrome
  3. Track broken links (ideally, click here first and add something unique in the url)
  4. Hover on a page element, for example this one or that one.
  5. Everything together... an outbound download with hover :)
  6. Try typing text into this textbox: and look at GA and the console...
  7. Track when users scroll to the bottom of a page, or stay for more than 1 minute.
  8. Check what source and medium are passed with various combinations from a completely different domain
  9. However, most of this site is dedicated to A/B testing.